Not all but a very large majority of schools would like a roadway within their play area to guide pupils through a structured route. However, undertaking the simple task of painting a roadway on your playground can sometimes expose more complications and questions than answers. For this reason, when Varimark comes to visit your school we will use our 38 years of experience in marking out playgrounds to guide you through the possible pitfalls and considerations to make before applying the road in thermoplastic and face the possibility of having a large section of the area that does not bring out its full potential. 


Some of the mentioned pitfalls that can occur are very simple but nearly always overlooked when viewed through the perspective of the traveler and not the road engineer. For instance, how large is the roadway? How twisty and bendy? One-way system or two ways? Would you like the roadway to be gently educational or geared towards exercise? Would you like the roadway to be decorated with various graphics which addresses both these issues or left blank? All of the questions above are asked and maybe more and potentially solved in a very short amount of time whilst explaining why we ask them and assess the area to have the graphics applied. We want you to have the right playground, not the most profitable one.


Varimarks graphics are hand-drawn to your size, budget and design. Taking this into consideration, if you wish, you may like to stay with us on such projects and design your roadway to the very last detail and have a truly bespoke road that will stand the test of time or if you would like to meet up on the day of marking out and agree on its content, direction and size and leave the rest to us. On the day we design, scale and mark out the roadway then simply ask that you give the "thumbs up" and we will then apply the thermoplastic.


Being a completely family run and operated company Varimark know that a schools budget is at the heart of any decision and fully understand that all schools in these new challenging times are striving to achieve value for money spent. Taking this into consideration we will always put the project and its objectives first and at the front of our goals in providing this no matter what and not to capitalise on your budget with profit-first mentality which seems to be at the forefront of a majority of service providers in today's business climate.


When Varimark comes to mark out your playground we deliver a peerless service and price that is second to none and we strive for your 100% satisfaction. Put simply Varimark wants to be as happy, proud and satisfied with your playground markings as you are. Varimark has a simple objective to save schools money whilst not compromising on service by marking out your playground, cleaning your school and repairing your equipment and apparatus.