Playgrounds are great fun and important in children's development.

However, if there is a lack of regular cleaning, they can contain harmful bacteria. It is important, therefore, for children’s health that playgrounds be properly and regularly cleaned and sanitized.

At Playground Markers, we have invested in the latest technology takes playground cleaning to the next level. Not only can we clean the surfaces and surrounding areas with a hot pressure washer, we then apply a softwash chemical treatment that will kill off harmful bacteria.

We understand the importance of children’s health and take pride in our playground safety philosophy.


A great number of schools today simply do not have the budgets to extend to a new playground surface, but it makes a huge difference to look after the one you already have in the hope of squeezing as many years out of it as possible. If your playground has come to the point of where it has begun to shed the small insignificant stones that are present on most ageing surfaces you will benefit greatly from having your ground cleaned as it is these little devils that are accelerating its degrading. Although on inspection, the small amount of stone shedding seems benign but with continued footfall they contribute to the constant grinding effect of the overall surface and accelerate the problem tenfold by having the playground eating itself. Having your ageing playground washed and stones removed will prolong its life by years. This is one problem, the other reason to have your play area cleaned is that with a shedding playground comes the added risk of falling on the loose debris.


Along with all hard surfaces, Varimark can clean and re-stain your trim trail to a point of making them like new again. Varimark also undertakes the essential task of making your equipment safe and ready for use if it has been condemned. Repair and maintain, if possible, is always better than replace when under budget restrictions.


Varimark can advise on the cleaning process of your playground or areas within your school and its equipment, the killing of moss infestations and the general external appearance to enhance the overall feel and appearance of your establishment.


Varimark is on hand to help your school with all our expertise and equipment to save budgets and alleviate the expense of renewing items as well as providing you with low-cost playground markings.