Varimark has been surface marking playgrounds since 1982. In this time we have, through our interaction with headteachers, site managers and business managers picked up more than a few tips and knowledge in this sector that if given the chance we would love to pass on and share with you in your quest to achieving a fully functional playground to be proud of. 


Through extensive research, it is an unfortunate conclusion that our children are not as fit and healthy as they once were. This fact we at Varimark are fully aware and more importantly are here to help address.


Playgrounds are often viewed as a place of gatherings in between lessons. The fact that over 20% of school time is spent in this area is an indication of the valuable tool that schools have in tackling this dilemma. A playground with its court area can stabilise a play area although if care is not taken when marking out can also have the reverse effect and have a detrimental effect. Often, court areas can fill a playground to a point that their presence can give the overall impression that the playground is the court instead of a playground with a court on it, this can have the feeling that the area is all one game of football and the other pupils need to play in between that game. Does that make sense?!!!


Many schools that have courts on them also fall into the trap of having them full size, this is often a ploy by the before mentioned playground markers that are in pursuit of profit and not practicality. Primary school pupils on very rare occasions require a full 30 metre court to enjoy/learn netball! Bearing this in mind Varimark will help to locate the best place for your court and whilst on-site show you the dimensions that will optimise the space you have.


Having now established the size and location of the court area the next step in the process is to choose the activities that the court will cater to. Although a majority of courts on schools are netball it is this sport that is probably played the least and not deliver the best value for money that you require from your project. Over the years Varimark has perfected a multi-court marking that addresses multi-use within the playtime and also helping to structure sporting play without turning it into a mass of confusing lines as a lot of court marking that now seem to have been adopted. Varimarks multi court marking utilises many games as well as when it is not in use as a sporting aid it can also help in outdoor lessons to segregate pupils into different activities during lessons or play.


If your playground has already been marked out with a huge court and you would like the area to be re-designed for a more structured play zone; Varimark has the equipment in most cases to remove the existing markings so you may start again with a "blank canvas" and mark the area with the graphics that work and do their objective.


As in all cases if you have a specific court marking that is out of other court marking specifics please show us and we will create that court for you.