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Playground Markers are specialists suppliers of playground markings, playground designs and sporting playgrounds. We understand playground activity for schools and nurseries throughout over 35 years of experience.



As a family-operated company we put your playground project front and centre of our attention to providing 100% satisfaction with our service, price and awareness of your need to deliver the best value for money for your schools budget.

We have a wide variety of playground markings to choose from, but part of Varimarks playground marking unique offering is we can customise any design you would like. Unlike all other playground marking companies that simply turn up with a boxed graphic in hand from a manufactured source Varimark hand draws, scales and applies a bespoke marking service that is for your playground and yours alone. This service alone can be invaluable when working under a strict budget plan as we well know most schools are in these challenging times. So if a budget is tested to its limit, Varimark can simply alter a graphic in its content or its size to accommodate this to ease the budget but not influence the overall aesthetic of the playground.


Alongside Varimarks playground marking service we also have all the latest and powerful equipment to wash down and clean your playground or adjoining area with its furniture or play equipment. Once washed we can eradicate moss and lichen with biocide and if required we can disinfect all areas, bringing up all surfaces and equipment like new again. In these times of hygiene awareness, more focus on the outdoor environment is being placed on all areas, and not simply on social distancing.


In the 35 years that Varimark has been serving the education sector, it is more than obvious that now is the time that this sector requires assistance in continuing to help communities and their children thrive. With this in mind Varimark will help to save you valuable resources by repainting, repairing, checking all play equipment and replacing faulty or worn parts to bring your existing playground equipment up to date and worry-free. All playground equipment suppliers nowadays seem to sell their products then simply leave with no concern as to how that equipment will weather the future and the elements. Trim trails all seem to have large finger trapping cracks appear, chains begin to corrode and paint begins to flake. With this in mind, Varimark offers a service that caters to the refurbishment of equipment thus giving it a new lease of life by making it safe and treating/painting it to squeeze that extra few more years out of your valuable investment.


When in direct contact with anyone from Varimark you will be speaking to a Director that has its continued success at its heart. We will help you get the right playground and not sell you the most profitable one. We will advise on what works on a whole and what does not. This advice is dispensed through our years of marking out school playgrounds and not selling them. The person that comes to see and help you will be the very same person that comes out to undertake the work in its entirety to your exact requirements. 



Feel free to browse our galleries to see the quality workmanship we have provided to hundreds of schools across the UK.

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