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Not only do Varimark undertake playground markings, washing, and maintenance we also have the expertise to advise on how your car parking facilities need to be compliant with the latest legislation concerning the disability discrimination act, the safe passage to work which addresses the safe movement of the staff and visitors to your site and crossing points around the site where there is vehicle access.


With the safety of the car park comes the added service that we provide concerning the marking out of steps to assist the partially sighted, be it indoor or externally all steps need to be marked out in a manner that they can be seen.


We can mark "KEEP CLEAR" on that troublesome gate that is constantly being blocked. We can mark a "NO ENTRY" on that short cut that has been used as a short cut to the gate. We can hatch that area off that is being blocked. In short, we can redesign your car park to get more cars in, yellow lines to stop troublesome parking and get your car park working to its full potential, Varimark has marking out car parks for decades now so know a thing or two about getting the best out of them. It may sound a little odd to most but on several occasions it can sometimes be beneficial to leave all the marking off to let everyone park how they like, this is quite common on some schools. Simply ask us to take a look and we will tell you in few moments what your options are as we know space on a school car park is very limited and restricted.


During social distancing we can mark out one way foot traffic to segregate visiting and leaving pupils and their parents.


After this difficult period is over all the existing social distancing messages are of no use let Varimark remove them using our hot water pressure washer


We can apply floor signs that are a permanent reminder of how you would like visitors to your site adhere to certain rules or directed. eg: NO SMOKING, ONE WAY etc.


Varimark has, over the years marked out, washed and fixed hundreds of schools as well as working in the commercial sector and feel that the knowledge picked up over the years would be of benefit to any school wishing to update its car parking facilities, bring a fresh new look to its playground, clean its property or simply make sure all the equipment and apparatus on site is of a safe standard. Varimark wants to be as Happy with your school as you are. We want to do the best job, not the most profitable job. 

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